“A License to Thrill” – AALA Licensing Consultation Starts

skiingWithin our schools and educational establishments we are all aware of the amazing benefits of engaging with outdoor experiential learning and adventurous activity, and the positive and powerful experiences and outcomes that can be realised by our learners.

This month there is an opportunity to get involved in a series of consultations on the future of how this activity is managed and the licensing of adventurous activities (AALA) within Scotland.

SAAF (SCOTTISH ADVENTURE ACTIVITY FORUM, tasked by ScotGov) are keen to hear from all interested parties on this important initiative.

The briefing paper available at the SAAF website outlines the consultation process which will invite all stakeholders operating in Scotland to give their views about a range of matters, including;

1.Reviewing the definition of adventure activities
2.Identifying any activities which should also be included in the regulations
3.What could be added to or taken out of the 2004 Regulations
4.Identifying any textual or factual changes required to simplify or clarify the wording of the current Regulations
5.How can the scheme be “future-proofed” as the adventure activity sector evolves
6.How can those who want to “opt in” be accommodated
7.How “cross-border” arrangements can work effectively across the UK

Although Licensing requirements generally only apply to those organisations that provide activities in return for payment,the outcomes from consultation will influence how we manage and deliver Adventurous activities within our own Local Authority and the potential to influence activity enablement and quality.

Its an exciting time to get involved as it may contribute to the evolving nature and future Outdoor Learning within our Educational arena.

More details on accessing the survey and the events are available at the SAAF website (link).