Mid Bike Festival 2016 Powers into Action

Limbo bars IMG_9438

Wheelie good IMG_9622There were 165 red smiling faces after competing in the various cycling activities at the inaugural Midlothian Primary Schools Mountain Bike Festival.   Riders in Primary 6 and 7 proudly represented their schools.  90 riders competed in the XC course and 75 in the skills event, all showing great skill and enthusiasm for the sport. 
The organiser Sean Fallon a teacher from the Midlothian  Council Outdoor Learning Service would like to thank all the school staff and participants for taking part in difficult conditions with great sprit and showing massive amounts of energy.  
This event would not have been possible without the tremendous support of our partners from Sustrans, Midlothian Active School, Beeslack High School, Midlothian Mountain Bike Club , Scottish Cycling and the Midlothian School Travel Plan Co-ordinator.  A big thanks to you all!
We were very fortunate to have a large number of prizes donated thanks to our sponsors from Halfords Straiton, Sustrans, Transgression park and Midlothian Council. 
Group goodie bag IMG_9558
Competitors with Goodie bags from sponsors

Gordon Burt (Midlothian I-bike officer) would like to add that this was”a great way to get schools together for a bike festival. This was a magnificent effort by all.”


TEAM RESULTS – Combined XC and Skills Events
Roslin                 1st
Loanhead          2nd
Paradykes         3rd
Lasswade          4th
Lawfield            5th
Sacred Heart    6th
St Matthews     Not a full team.
Individual Results Skills Course
School Class Name Time Boy/Girl Individual ranking
Loanhead 6 Kyle mcclay 00:54.1 Boys 1st
Roslin 6 David Hulton 00:59.4 Boys 2nd
Loanhead 6  Max wyllie 01:00.1 Boys 3rd
Roslin 6 Evie Black 1:02.17 Girls 1st
Loanhead 6 Kirstie Lang 01:03.0 Girls 2nd
Loanhead 6 Eliza Ralph 01:03.1 Girls 3rd
Sacred Heart 7 Ross Bryant 00:51.1 Boys 1st
Loanhead 7 Ryan turner 00:54.1 Boys 2nd
St Matthews 7 Callum Myers 00:59.6 Boys 3rd
Loanhead 7 Lana Kennedy 01:01.0 Girls 1st
Roslin 7 Mia Gray 1:02.47 Girls 2nd
Paradykes 7 Ellie Cummings 1:05.19 Girls 3rd
 Overall boys winner IMG_9451   XC action IMG_9513
Individual Results XC Course
School Class Name Time Boy/Girl Individual rankings
Roslin 6 David Hulton 2.49.00 Boy 1st
Lawfield 6 Dylan Kenny 2.59.93 Boy 2nd
Loanhead 6 Cameron Cairncross 3.05.94 Boy 3rd
Roslin 6 Evie Black 2.50.60 Girl 1st
Sacred Heart 6 Isabel Bovo 3.01.28 Girl 2nd
Paradykes 6 Kayleigh Gordon 3.18.09 Girl 3rd
Sacred Heart 7 Ross Bryant 2.30.19 Boy 1st
Paradykes 7 Euan Walkingshaw 2.40.88 Boy 2nd
Lasswade 7 Josh 2.54.21 Boy 3rd
Tynewater 7 Verity Kinch 3.04.16 Girl 1st
Loanhead 7 Yasmine Foreman 3.15.37 Girl 2nd
Lasswade 7 Jessica Thomson 3.17.00 Girl 3rd
A FULL list of results can be found here –  Mid Bike festival 2016 results.
 500m Sprint challenge Mike IMG_9455
500m Sprint Challenge
P6  Girl-Amy Robertson-33.9-Loanhead
P6 Boy-Fergus Jones-34.0-Paradykes
P7 Girl-Yasmin Foreman-31.6-Loanhead
P7 Boy-Calum Evans-32.2-Paradykes
Honourable mentions to Elena Clark 32.0-Lasswade and
Verity Kinch-31.8-Tynewater
A certificate for all riders can be printed by clicking here >>  Participants certificate Bike Fest 2016.
If you would like to cycle more please get in touch with your local club the Midlothian Cycle Club.
The Outdoor Learning team will again be organising our very popular Discover Mountain Bike sessions in 2016-17 .  Information on last years discover event can be found HERE.