Discover Outdoor Learning

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In addition to our Outdoor Learning programmes arranged directly with schools,  this year we will be running again our successful and amazingly popular Discover Outdoor Leaning days aimed at Primary schools to encourage more of our classes to learn outdoors. Last year an amazing 1350 Midlothian pupils attended these sessions, and many (500+) progressed on to attend our  Orienteering festival and Biking festival)

Our Discover Outdoor Learning Sessions this year are aimed at ;

The information booklet available here (Or click on the picture)  gives all the details you need to book and attend as well as links to further information regarding curriculum links and further participation as well as  the;

  • Midlothian Orienteering Festival 2017
  • Midlothian Mountain Biking Festival 2017

discover-bikingPlease contact the named Outdoor Learning Teacher as per the booklet if you wish to arrange attendance at one of these popular advertised sessions.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2016-17 year for some exciting Discover Outdoor Learning Days.