Geology Days Rock for P7 (and some help from MOLE’s too)

Ancient Inhabitants
Ancient Inhabitants

We’ve had great few days out and about recently with Danderhall P7 classes . Our walks in the Pentland Hills  included some Geology tasks.  As well as our generic outcomes for Outdoor Learning we looked at wider related learning outcomes that linked in with Earth Science working back in the class using M.O.L.E’s. “Midlothian Outdoor/Online Learning  Environment ” to burrow in (get it !?) & review knowledge from the daygeology-learning-outcome-1



One of the P7 Groups and one of the online knowledge review questions (MOLE’s)

Pupils undertook a journey through geological time and became geology detectives to view the landscape and learn about earth science and the Pentland Hills Geological history.


The online environment (M.O.L.E.) allows pupils to  review the learning outcomes covered  back in the classroom.  This tool allows us to go beyond some of the “surface learning” as part of the “micro teaching session”and dig deeper to stimulate further class  discussion on the aspects of formative learning covered in the day. It can also help gather some further useful feedback from pupils and their level of engagement . These groups certainly seemed to have a good experience and judging by the knowledge review (14 questions)  some pretty successful results. Thanks for  great days out Danderhall P7 & we look forward to seeing all the results once completed.

You can access more information about our generic Outdoor Learning Plan by clicking here . Please get in touch if you want to use MOLE’s to review knowledge for your Outdoor Learning Day /Programme back in the classroom.geology-outcome-3