Midvisits Update

evolve workings
Midvisits is an easy to use intuative system – But training sessions will help you get to grips with the nuts and bolts of EVOLVE and the helpful reporting tools

Over the last few months Midlothian schools who attended our launch of the new Midvisits/EVOLVE planning and approval system have been moving their visit and excursion planning and visit approvals to the new system that also replaces the current EV1 form.

Many of our schools are now using as a record for all their offsite visits including those that require local approval and LA approval – The system provides an excellent one stop place for planning, approving and evaluation of the learning outcomes associated with your educational visits.




  • August – All remaining schools to join new Midvisits system
  • August – December – Transition period Midvisits
  • December 2015 – End of old EV1 system
Excursion Approvals are moving to a new home – http://midvisits.org.uk

All schools will be fully on the system for Dec 2015 – the old EV1 system will be retired! In August schools that are currently not on the system will be contacted to arrange access to Midvisits/EVOLVE (many additional schools have already been in touch to join since the launch)

The system is simple and effective to use , however a series of training sessions letting you get the best out of the Midvisits system have now been arranged to help with the transition. The details are available at the link below;

MIDVISITS Training Sessions

These sessions complement our fully certified OEAP/SAPOE Visit leader Training and Visit Coordinator Training courses and will also allow current users to raise questions and give feedback.

Thanks to all the schools so far who have been using the system so successfully.

More Information – Questions?  contact Bill Stephen William.Stephen@midlothian.gov.uk


Adventure is Recommended!

Providing regular and frequent outdoor learning opportunities is a key aim of the curriculum for excellence


SAAF (Scottish Adventure Activities Forum) has now published its final report and recommendations as a result of recent consultation with providers and stakeholders involved in adventure education and outdoor learning. It highlights and recommends to Scottish Government, a need for review and change in a number of key areas of adventure activities licensing;

  • Licensed activities
  • Registration
  • Cost and duration of license
  • Inspection and best practice
  • Opting in
  • Cross border arrangements
  • Review of licensing

While our schools and educational establishment will need no action at this point, while Ministers respond the review has the potential to influence the management and quality of adventurous activity for all our young people.

At the Outdoor Learning Service we will continue to support the review by our attendance at SAAF on behalf of SAPOE and believe the review is an opportunity to improve quality and standards  within the outdoor arena and as SAAF note;

“Adventurous  activities  prepare  a wide  range  of  age groups  for  their  own  challenges, stimulate a  passion  for  the  outdoors  and  develop  a  thirst  for  learning. Therefore  it  is  important  to  reflect  all  of  these  aspects  within  any  legislation  that may  be  produced  to  govern  adventurous  activities  in  Scotland  and  at  the  same  time capture the spirit of Scotland’s wild places.”

We will keep our education establishments up to date as and when Scotgov respond. Meanwhile keep going out there!!

EVOLVE and get out there! – System Demonstration Event

EVOLVE screenshot

We are holding a demonstration event of the new EVOLVE system on the 24th Feb 2015 and representatives from Midlothian Council Educational Establishments are invited to attend.

This new system for Midlothian establishments will replace the current EV1 system. This system will change how educational and community establishments plan, manage report and evaluate off site activity. It’s designed to remove barriers and adopt a low bureaucracy approach to all offsite visits. This will result in more visits!!

The session on the 24th Feb 2014 at the Lasswade High School Centre, Conference Room 1600-1700, will cover;

  • EVOLVE Overview
  • Benefits to Educational Establishments
  • Demonstration
  • Pilot Phase details
  • Further Training
  • Going Live
  • Next steps

Who Should attend?:  Educational Visit Coordinators & staff currently approving and coordinating visits within educational establishments, CPD co-ordinators, staff involved in regular trip planning.

In order to manage the logistics of the session, which we expect to be very busy, could you please let us know who, from your establishment, would wish to attend.  You can do this by emailing:


Delegates will be able to nominate their establishment to join the pilot phase of the system during attendance on the 24th.

We look forward to seeing you then – Slides from the recent meetings with more details can be found by clicking on image above. Further information is also available on the EVOLVE system at the Edufocus website.




“A License to Thrill” – AALA Licensing Consultation Starts

skiingWithin our schools and educational establishments we are all aware of the amazing benefits of engaging with outdoor experiential learning and adventurous activity, and the positive and powerful experiences and outcomes that can be realised by our learners.

This month there is an opportunity to get involved in a series of consultations on the future of how this activity is managed and the licensing of adventurous activities (AALA) within Scotland.

SAAF (SCOTTISH ADVENTURE ACTIVITY FORUM, tasked by ScotGov) are keen to hear from all interested parties on this important initiative.

The briefing paper available at the SAAF website outlines the consultation process which will invite all stakeholders operating in Scotland to give their views about a range of matters, including;

1.Reviewing the definition of adventure activities
2.Identifying any activities which should also be included in the regulations
3.What could be added to or taken out of the 2004 Regulations
4.Identifying any textual or factual changes required to simplify or clarify the wording of the current Regulations
5.How can the scheme be “future-proofed” as the adventure activity sector evolves
6.How can those who want to “opt in” be accommodated
7.How “cross-border” arrangements can work effectively across the UK

Although Licensing requirements generally only apply to those organisations that provide activities in return for payment,the outcomes from consultation will influence how we manage and deliver Adventurous activities within our own Local Authority and the potential to influence activity enablement and quality.

Its an exciting time to get involved as it may contribute to the evolving nature and future Outdoor Learning within our Educational arena.

More details on accessing the survey and the events are available at the SAAF website (link).